South downtown’s built environment, 1919 vs now

Following up on the recent Creative Loafing article on the decline of South downtown Atlanta, I thought it would be interesting to look at what the landscape was in 1919 via the cool-as-heck Foote and Davies map on the equally cool Big Map Blog.

The top image, above, shows the built environment at the corner of Garnett and Forsyth Streets in 1919. Notice how much more appealing it was then versus what you see in the bottom photo, current day. The difference is what happens when you retro-fit a city to suit the needs of car dependency.

Speaking of car-crazy Atlanta: even though we’re the 9th most populous metro in the US, we rank at #4 in car crashes. Which is no surprise, given that Atlanta metro is also the #3 gas guzzler and is lacking in transit access. Kind of all fits together, when you think about it.

Happy motoring!