The above link comes via themidtownarchive who writes:

A streetcar on 10th Street would be phenomenal.  

I agree! I would love to see this happen. I like this quote in the article:

A 10th Street route would connect Piedmont Park with the Midtown MARTA station and then to the heart of the Georgia Tech campus and the vibrant West Midtown area.

Giving Tech students and the growing population of West Midtown a convenient streetcar route to Piedmont Park, the Midtown MARTA station and other points east of the 75/85 Interstate (pictured below) would be a very cool move.

The interstate busts up the connectivity of Midtown badly and renders non-automobile travel, particularly going east-west, very difficult:

Atlanta Interstate

A streetcar on 10th street would do a great deal to repair the damage and connect some very popular nodes of activity in the area. And expanded transit options may also reduce the need for such an insane amount of parking infrastructure in central Midtown, as mentioned on this blog before:

Midtown Parking

Interstate photo from Flickr user SkylineScenes