A weekend trip on Freedom Path

The first photo is Condesa Coffee¬†along the Freedom path at Boulevard. It’s a great place to stop and take a break while riding my kick scooter, about 1.3 miles from my downtown home.

The next photo is the view of the under-construction pedestrian/bike path of the Atlanta Beltline as viewed from a bridge on the Freedom Path. True story: just after I took this picture, some jackass went down the Beltline on his motorcycle. I’ll assume that when the path is officially open and in use there’ll be less temptation for that kind of misuse.

The third photo is of a nice mural on the back of what I think is an art studio. In the early 1990s, this building was a gallery and performance space called 800 East. As part of a music & spoken word performance group, I performed here on its opening night.

My eventual destination this day was Victory Sandwich Bar in Inman Park — one of my favorite places intown. I was having too much fun there to even consider taking a photo.¬†

This is a regular weekend trip for me. Thanks to my kick scooter and the pedestrian infrastructure (sidewalks & Freedom Path), I was able to make this 4.6 mile round trip using human-powered mobility. Not the easiest trip on a hot summer day, but I’ve learned where the shade is.

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