Appalachian summertime. I’d do anything to be able to spend a few more days up there.

Beautiful photos of Appalachia!

As someone who sees the world through a smart-growth-urbanism lens, I’ve got to take the opportunity to point something out: this is the kind of precious, natural ecosystem that could be spared if a growing population houses itself in a compact, walkable form instead of a sprawling, car-centric one.

North Georgia has a unique flora and fauna and rural culture that seems to disappear more and more as the decades pass, with too much of the landscape (mountain and otherwise) turning into subdivisions and strip malls. We have a great opportunity to protect what remains of the native ecosystems of north Georgia and we can do it with a region-wide commitment to ending sprawl and focusing new growth into a more compact, infill format.

(Source: worth-hoping-for)