A brief history of transportation-funding tensions in Georgia

There’s an informative article this week titled Defunding Mass Transit is Not Good for the Tea Party, Whatever They May Think and I highly recommend it as a good post-TSPLOST read that compares current problems in transportation funding with ones from Georgia’ past.

Here’s a quote:

Since the introduction of the automobile created the demand for modern road construction a hundred years ago, political infighting has defined debates over transportation. What today is a conflict between city and suburban folks over roads versus rails was once a contentious battle between urban dwellers and rural farmers over highway construction, and one that exploded every bit as intensely as it has today.

The article’s author is currently writing a book about the history of the Dixie Highway. Some good parallels are drawn here between the rural/suburban/urban divides that existed during that century-old project and the ones that still run deep today — and quite probably affected the TSPLOST vote.

Photo of opening of Dixie Highway in Calhoun, GA (1928) from Georgia’s Virtual Vault