Midtown’s “Castle” may finally open as a restaurant


Could it be actually be happening, after so many non-starter rumors over the years?

Midtown’s “Castle,” also known as Fort Peace, has been sitting empty at 15th Street and Peachtree for decades, but it may finally be opening as a restaurant and boutique hotel.

Atlanta Business Chronicle reports: Midtown’s ‘Castle’ will be restaurant

A quote from the article:

The Castle, a 12,000-square-foot historic home that overlooks the Woodruff Arts Center, is slated to get a $3 million renovation — transforming the property on 15th Street into an upscale restaurant and lounge, with a handful of luxury hotel suites.

Cool — I’ve wanted to (legally) go inside this building all my life! Even empty, this urban oddity has been great to have in the middle of Midtown, but it will be better to have it in use.

The grand house was built between 1904 and 1911. Read the history of the house and a bio of the builder on this page of the City of Atlanta website (but try to ignore the incorrect photo there).

Photo by Flickr user Don1951