"The ballpark doesn’t make life easy for anybody who lives here. It’s not just the traffic and the rowdy fans who urinate in the streets and leave behind mounds of trash. All the hardtops and highways create a heat island; in the summer it’s 12 degrees hotter near the stadium than in Atlanta’s suburbs. The parking lots cause massive water runoff; Peoplestown floods constantly. Braves fans complain about game-day traffic, but those idling cars contribute to real problems for people who live off Hank Aaron Drive; Fulton County’s Health District 6, which includes the stadium area, has the highest death rate from asthma, more than five times higher than Fulton’s lowest rate."

The Other 284 Days : The Braves will host eighty-one regular-season home games in 2013. This is what the neighborhood is like the rest of the year | Atlanta Magazine, 6/21/2013

Turner Field photo from Flickr user ucumari

Turner Filed photo from Flickr user ucumari