Atlanta Streetcar update


We got a nice update from the streetcar’s Executive Director Tim Borcher last night at a neighborhood meeting. I was happy to learn that, as of now, the construction is on time and $2 million under budget!

The line is expected to begin service at the end of April 2014. According to Borcher, for the first three months all rides will be free. I think that’s a good way to get Atlantans and visitors to try it out.

After those first three months, there will be a $1 per ride payment for a while (transfers from MARTA will be free and transfers from the streetcar to MARTA will be reduced fare based on what you paid to ride the streetcar) until MARTA upgrades its Breeze Card system to accommodate the streetcar.

Borcher seems to be really committed to making this line a success. I’m impressed with the way he lives downtown right on the streetcar route — and is suffering through construction just like the rest of us.

Another thing I enjoyed hearing: traffic lights will be adjusted along the route to help prevent the streetcars (and the traffic they share lanes with) from getting stuck in congestion.

Photo of Atlanta Streetcar construction from Flickr user hilljw