Planning group to look at South Broad Street’s challenges

The American Planning Association (APA) is coming to Atlanta in April for its 2014 conference. The conference blog has been exploring Atlanta issues — well worth a visit:

One post announces that a workshop at the conference will look at a  troubled, historic strip of Broad Street — from Garnett Street to Alabama Street — in the middle of Downtown Atlanta. Read about it here. Here’s a quote:

Today the Broad Street corridor — accompanied by 80 acres of surface parking lots — sits right in the middle of substantial urban Atlanta energy, yet it is derelict and desolate, waiting for reinvestment.  The area is ideal for planners from across the U.S. to engage peers prior to the national conference and create a lasting impact.

I (and some others) call this stretch South Broad Street. In my opinion, this place has more unrealized potential than any other in the city. Being so well-connected to transit, with Five Points MARTA on the north side, it’s got pent-up greatness waiting inside. If you’re in the mood for a visit, I recommend Miller’s Rexall and Mammal Gallery as destinations.

And if you’d like to read some interesting history about South Broad, check out the website.