Sure thing, gloomy weather. You go ahead and spoil my Saturday. I don’t mind a bit. (Could I BE any more sarcastic?)

Sure thing, gloomy weather. You go ahead and spoil my Saturday. I don’t mind a bit. (Could I BE any more sarcastic?)

“Statistics show that more people at this time telecommute than they ride carpools, mass transit, bicycle or walk,” Atlanta Tea Party Patriots co-founder Debbie Dooley said during a June 12 forum organized by the Civic League for Regional Atlanta.

Tea party leader makes case for telecommuting | Politifact Georgia | July 2, 2012


Oh reaaally? You mean to tell me that in the car-crazy, sprawl-fueled United States where funding for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure takes several back seats to road funding — and where transit is viewed as something poor people use instead of a transportation mode with widespread viability — statistics for commuting by those methods are low compared to driving and telecommuting?

How surprising.

Well by all means, lets interpret that as a mandate for car dependency and establish telecommuting as the only worthwhile alternative to driving solo to work.

Because solo driving is one of the greatest of all US freedoms. Happy Independence Day, everyone!


Seriously. Sometimes I think the Tea Party needs a “Don’t Tread on Me” sign that replaces the snake with a sidewalk: “Don’t Tread on Me — Drive a Car Instead!”


Darin: Wow! Look at how much better downtown Cleveland looks since they put in a new streetcar line — such a change! Just joking. This is a video of a tram in Nice, France from Thomas Wheatley. Can’t you imagine one of these bad boys running from Centennial Park to the Historic MLK area in Atlanta?

Anne T. Transit: Are you kidding? This looks like a complete waste of money. France has milked its taxpayers dry to build these idiotic transit lines that are basically expensive, big-government jobs programs. Downtown Atlanta’s better off without this. Now where did I park my car?

Darin: Harsh. This train looks like its being used well. And it certainly has a lower impact on the surrounding city than streets full of car traffic. Why wouldn’t you want that for downtown Atlanta, a place that could benefit in many ways from a reduced amount of car traffic?

Anne T. Transit: You know, I was just thinking that what would work better in this part of Nice is a five or six lane road, a couple of parking decks and a gas station. That’s called freedom! Freedom to be in control of your own mobility and not have it ruled by Big Daddy Government Transit Welfare!

Darin: You’re such a monkey butt.

Anne T. Transit: shut up.

Darin: you shut up.