A pedestrian’s view of West Peachtee Street

Rhodes Hall

Blogger themidtownarchive posts a great set of photos from a walk on Midtown’s West Peachtree Street and offers well-deserved criticism of its walkabilty problems, as well as some history of the area.

He also takes note of one saving grace on the street — the wonderful Pershing Point pocket park (below).

Pershing Point

From the post:

Went walking in the vicinity of Pershing Point and “Uptown” Atlanta in Upper Midtown the other day.  I’ll say this much: West Peachtree is not really a fun place to be a pedestrian.  There’s pieces of urbanism, but it doesn’t come together in a meaningful way.  For starters, West Peachtree feels like a highway.

Please take a look at the full post at themidtownarchive.

My family lived in an apartment in this “Uptown” area for a couple of years and I got to experience the exact good & bad elements detailed here. In fact, our son’s daycare is near here and my wife and I still have to deal with the pedestrian problems of this section of West Peachtree regularly.

The sidewalks are too narrow in many spots and have no buffer between pedestrians and the zooming car traffic — making the walkways more of a glorified curb than the pedestrian amenity they should be. What a shame to have this problem in Midtown which is, overall, one of the more walkable sections of the city.

On the good side, I really enjoyed stopping by Pershing Point Park when we lived nearby. It’s a nice oasis, particularly when the trees are full of green leaves.